The Bet365 Turnover Requirements & Rules For The Open Account Offer

Bet365 offer new customers a 100% matched deposit bonus when they open a new account with them. Whilst this is widely publicised across social media, television, and internet advertisements, many new customers find they come unstuck by failing to grasp the requirements of the bonus turnover – and what it actually means.

How The £200 Bonus Code Can Catch Out New Customers


Once a customer has registered with Bet365, they are required to make a deposit. There is not a no-deposit free bet offer; the customer must add funds to their account before being given a bonus. The bonus is known as a 100% matched deposit bonus, as it will match their largest single deposit within the seven days prior to entering the offer code, up to a maximum of £200 or currency equivalent. This means that if a new customer was to deposit £50, then £30, then £20 in the week before entering their offer code, they would receive a £50 bonus as £50 was the largest single deposit they made.

Customers are often caught out as they fail to realise they need to place bets that amount to the size of their bonus before they can unlock it. These bets are known as the qualifying bets, and bet365 do this to make customers risk their own actual money before being able to play with the bonus funds.

Once the bonus funds are available to bet with, customers must complete the turnover requirements – also known as the bonus rollover. This involves placing bets that will amount to three times your largest single deposit and bonus combined. So if you deposited £20, then entered the offer code and received a £20 bonus, you will need to place £120 worth of bets before being able to withdraw your winnings. This is explained in better detail on Bet365 bonus guide at CompareTheBets where they’ve added a brilliant calculator tool along with the exact instructions needed to claim the matched deposit bonus.


Why Is A Rollover Requirement Necessary?


Bet365 and other bookmakers and casinos use this strategy to prevent what is known as bonus abuse. This is where customers intentionally register with a bookie and put in the minimal effort required to claim the bonus or free bet and then leave, never to return again.

Bookmakers strive for long term members that provide regular custom, bet each time a big sporting event is on or even every week. They want their customers to download the app and bet on the go as they’d be more likely to show a friend their bet slip and persuade them to join too.


The bonus rollover ensures that customers have to use the bet365 for a short period of time before they can withdraw their winnings, which is usually long enough for them to become used to bet365 and continue to use them once the turnover is complete.


Why Can’t I Cash Out My Bonus Bets?


The rules set out in Bet365’s terms and conditions state that cashed out bets do not count towards the bonus turnover. Bets need to be fully settled before they are taken into account. Customers are welcome to cash out unsettled bets – it’s not like the feature is disabled – they just need to be aware that their bonus rollover amount won’t be affected if the feature is used.


Account Verification Is Required In 2016 & Beyond


Bet365 also require customers to send in copies of their passport/other identification such as proof of address from a recent bank statement or utility bill. This is a government requirement, not just something that bet365 have decided to carry out.

Finding the Right Osteopath in London

Knowing what you’re in for when making a medical decision in London isn’t always easy. But the more you know, the easier it is to make decisions that will best benefit you and your medical needs. The foremost step in knowing whether or not osteopathy is what you need, is knowing what it entails.

Osteopathy is a very distinct branch of medical science treating specific things with the relevant means. Osteopathic medicine provides all of the benefits of modern medicine, using technology to diagnose disease and evaluate injury, then treat them with methods including prescription drugs and surgery. With osteopathic manipulative medicine, it also provides hands-on diagnosis and treatment. Osteopathic medicine promotes the notion of helping each person achieve a higher level of personal wellbeing by focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.

Similar to physiotherapy in London, osteopathy in London aims to work together with patients to help them achieve a higher level of personal wellbeing by focusing on health education, injury and disease prevention. It’s not just about tending to injuries and afflictions after they occur, but also promoting personal health to a level where future incidents can be avoided altogether. London osteopaths operate in all regions of London, from Soho to Mayfair and beyond, and unlike most physicians and medical practitioners, they focus on the entire body when treating any illness or injury.

Osteopathic philosophy dictates that the best way to avoid and care for any injury is the wellness of the entire body . Like physiotherapy, there is a very holistic approach to osteopathy, in which the professional is taught to not view their patients as a problem to be solved by them, but as a partner to work together with, in increasing the patient’s wellbeing as a whole person.
As far as training is concerned, osteopathic practitioners participate in all of the same types of curriculum you would expect of a medical professional, but they also undergo two hundred hours of additional education that revolves around the art of osteopathic manipulative medicine. Their system of hands-on techniques focuses on the alleviation of pain, restoring motion to affected areas of the body, and supporting the body’s natural functions. It also focuses on promoting the body’s structure to aid in more efficient body function.

Osteopathy dictates that the body’s overall ability to function appropriately depends on its overall wellbeing, so practitioners believe that if one area of the body is negatively afflicted, it may affect other seemingly uncorrelated area as well. This is why you can trust an osteopathy practitioner to locate nearly all of your issues with a critical eye, because they focus on your entire body instead of just one part, leaving little to guesswork and estimation.

For that reason alone, London Osteopathy is the perfect option for individuals who want complete care from a practitioner that has been trained to tend to all manner of injuries in an efficient and vigilant fashion.

Comparing Features Of A Few Popular Beldray Steam Cleaner Models

If you are not seeing efficient results with regular mops, then you should try using steam cleaners. Steam cleaners work way different from ordinary mops. Steam cleaners throw forceful steam on the surfaces to loosen the dirt and grime. Not all the steam cleaners that you find in the market are equal in terms of cleaning power, ease-of-use, price, etc. Beldray is one of the popular steam cleaner brands available in the market. There are many steam cleaners under the belt of Beldray. Let us look into reviews of some of the popular Beldray steam cleaner models.

12 in 1 Steam Mop is a power steam cleaner that can be used for cleaning a variety of hard surfaces such as floors, walls, furniture and windows. It has cleaning power of 15000W power that can clean even the toughest surface in or less than 25 seconds. This steam cleaner is ideal for quick and emergency cleaning. The water tank has the capacity to hold water up to 350 ml, which can allow continuous cleaning for up to 20 minutes. The included angled nozzle makes it easy to clean the tight and tough to reach spots, while the two mop heads allow cleaning a variety of hard surfaces.

Moreover, the steam cleaner delivers high temperature on the cleaning surface, therefore it is great for sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilization applications. Additionally, this steam cleaner has the capability to kill the insects and bed bugs as well.

Steam cleaners are not just meant to remove the dirt and germs it can also be used to remove the chemicals and bad odor from the upholstery. But you should use the steam cleaner with care when cleaning upholstery with a certain kind of fabric. This is because high temperature and pressure vapor can damage the relatively sensitive surface of the fabric. Kids and children should not be allowed near the steam cleaners as it can cause injuries.

10 in 1 steam cleaner from Beldray is ideal for anyone, who wants an easy to use steam cleaner. Using this device is really quick and fun. It can clean windows, floors and even carpets. This model of steam cleaner comes with a big list of assortments to extend the flexibility. You should consider your needs when you want to select a Beldray steam cleaner. The cleaning requirements may vary from person to person. If you are living in a small house with few members, then it is enough to buy a relatively less powered steam cleaner.

Choosing the right steam cleaner can be indeed a tough job, when considering the massive number of options. The task of choosing the right steam cleaner can be made easier with the help of steam cleaner reviews. The very purpose of the reviews is to provide the potential buyer crucial information that helps him to take his decisions easily. Each review would list the advantages and disadvantages of each steam cleaner. Reviews help to save the time and energy on your steam cleaner shopping. To buy the best steam cleaner at a cheaper price, you need to browse the Internet. There are many online stores, where you could find steam cleaners for an affordable price.

How to get rid of water hardness

It is widely known that every factory and every household uses water but what some of you maybe do not know is that that water is not pure at all. When we have problems with water, we usually call it water hardness. In that case water contains dissolved ions, mainly magnesium and calcium. These ions have two origins one of them is from carbon dioxide which you can find in all waters and the other one in limestone.
This was just a little introduction so that you can understand this problematic situation. Now we move on to the next stage and that is – How to get rid of that water hardness?
The problem with hard water is that it does not just cause stains but they make everything more difficult. When we say everything we mean laundry and bathing. Now even though these facts may seem scary, do not worry, there are so many different ways you can get rid of water hardness and they are not complicated at all.
One of them (and that is maybe the simplest one) is to purchase ion exchange water softener. These water softener units are made of 2 tanks, one of them is salt tank and the other one is a resin tank. The resin tank is filled with some small plastic beads and we call them sodium ions. We use them to exchange the magnesium and calcium that are in your water. If you want to use the beads all over again you must soak them in salt water. Once you do that calcium and magnesium will be taken away from those beads and you will get new sodium ions. It does not sound too complicated right? You can check these best water softener reviews for more info about these systems.
Now there are things you need to think about before buying a water softener. You need to think about your household and how much water it uses on a daily basis. Approximately one person uses around 85 gallons of water per day. Also you should think about the hardness of your water and how hard and long your ion exchange water softener should work.
This is only one way that can help you get rid of water hardness. If you don’t like it then maybe you should read our next suggestion. Boiling water is also one of the ways that can help you with hard water. If you decide to boil water in a kettle, that process is called “furring of kettles”. It will make some kind of deposit calcify somewhere at the bottom of that kettle and it will create like a scale-like formation. Once that happens you will get the soft water and you will be ready to use it again.
And now last but definitely not least here is another suggestion for you. It is called lime-soda ash treatment and it was created by Thomas Clark. What did he do? He added calcium hydroxide to the hard water supply. Once you mix these two it will cause that hardness to harden and precipitate and it will become removable through filtration.

Staying Mobile

Everyone knows that there are a vast amount of different wheelchairs types available worldwide. There are those which are designed for the disabled and for elderly people who are unable walk long distances. Thanks to the mean and women who designed all of the different kinds of wheelchairs to aid their mobility, these people are able to live a fairly normal life despite their difficulties with walking.

Electric wheelchairs are just as the name suggests, wheelchairs which are powered by electric motors. This type of wheelchair is generally larger and heavier and due to its need to hold both batteries and motors. Because of these extra components, electric wheelchairs are quite a lot more expensive than a standard manual wheelchair.

Electric wheelchairs are getting more and more sophisticated lately and can even go up stairs and travel through gravel and loose ground without too much issues. Some more complex models even have a lifting mechanism which raises the user up higher in order to reach higher surfaces and shelves, meaning the home doesn’t need adapted to install lower counters.

Some models can be pretty quick off the mark – with rear wheel drive you can reach more than walking speed, so can get around just as quick, or quicker than had you been walking. Most electric wheelchairs are pretty agile and can turn around easily without requiring a lot of space to do so.

Electric wheelchairs can be expensive but the exact price will depend on which model you’re to buy and, and which features you require. When buying an electric wheelchair you need to plan and research before you buy. Your doctor or medical consultant should be able to advise you on which particular type of wheelchair should be best for your particular medical condition.

There are many different categories of motorised electric wheelchairs to choose from, some of these are;

Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs, these are very sturdy and good for bigger and heavier users – people who have weight issues which are also causing mobility problems will often be recommended a heavy duty wheelchair to ensure it keeps them mobile.

Light weight electric wheelchairs, these are generally smaller and can be folded up for easy storage, an example of a folding lightweight wheelchair is the Foldawheel PW-1000XL Lightweight Powered Wheelchair which is a great choice for people who need the storage space and a lighter model.

Standard Electric Wheelchairs – These are generic electric wheelchairs which are built to be used by as many different types of people as possible, whether they be an amputee or paralysed, or simply have a broken leg or loss of sensation in their legs, a standard electric wheelchair is in the one size fits all category (almost!).

The majority of wheelchairs can be used both indoors and outdoors, however some are better than others, as in your home you will require a wheelchair which can fit through doorways, and turn around in smaller spaces than a wheelchair which you only intend to use outdors.

Buying a wheelchair can give you back your freedom, but it is important that you get a wheelchair which won’t antagonise your condition, so speak to your doctor or physician first so that you don’t buy something which will do you more harm than good.

Make sure you don’t lose your transport!

Paying an expensive car repair bill can cause a real strain on your finances. Did you know that you can take out a car warranty at any time, even on a second hand or older car?

The cost of repairs on a car engine can often make it uneconomical to repair, but if you’ve taken out a warranty then much of, or all of the work may be paid for you.

Not only can you take out a warranty that covers non wear and tear items, e.g covering engine faults, sensors etc, you can also take out wear and tear warranties on newer vehicles, this will cover things such as tyres, brake components and other service type parts – whilst these parts may not cost much on more common vehicles, they certainly can on more exotic cars.

This type of warranty is often called “bumper to bumper” warranty, this covers almost anything which could go wrong on your car.

Car warranty plans are an excellent choice if you want to properly maintain your car and keep it running properly, but don’t want to or don’t have the means to pay out large lump sums.

When selecting a company to provide your warranty or extended warranty, it is important to ensure that the company is reputable, and has a good customer service history, you can check out reviews online before deciding to sign up for a company, the last thing you want is to pay a monthly fee every month, and then have your claim refused when you need something sorted!

Remember, many policies will have a clause with certain things which may void your warranty, it is important to read this and take note, whilst the conditions aren’t usually very restrictive, it’s best to stick to what they require.

Generally the only things that will void your warranty are things which are seen as misuse, for example going off-roading in a car which they are covering for road use only.

Many warranty companies will bundle additional benefits such as roadside recovery so you can save your annual recovery fee too in some cases!

If you can’t afford to pay out a large lump sum if your car breaks down, don’t delay – get yourself a warranty policy sorted out as soon as possible, your next break down could happen at any time, it’s not worth the risk.

Powdercoating to avoid corrosion

You may have heard of powder coating, but do you know what it is? Powder coating is commonly used to coat metal to protect it from corrosion, many car enthusiasts have car parts or alloy wheels powder coated, and powder coating is used for bicycle frames as well as many many other different parts.

The process involves coating a metal with a powder coating which is then baked to form a hard protective layer over the part.

The motorcycle and car industry uses powder coating heavily, but one question we see over and over again is “can you powder coat chrome?” And according to powder coat painting Scotland, the answer is a firm YES. Whilst chrome is a hard material to adhere to, it is certainly possible if the company performing the powder coating knows exactly what they are doing.

Now, that being said – to powder coat a chrome piece, you should know the following;

You’ll need to strip all of the chrome off the part to be powder coated – the chrome coating will stop the powder from sticking properly, but as chrome is a coating, it can be stripped down – this is what any good powder coating company will do.

You can have the stripped chrome replaced with a chrome look powder-coat, although it isn’t actually chrome, it is a very shiny silver surface which looks just chrome, but is more hard wearing and protected.

Parts should be sand blasted to make sure any chrome residue is removed, prior to the powder coating process commencing.

It is important that any part to be powder coated is completely clean before the powdercoat is added. If the part is not thoroughly cleaned, you’ll start to see the coating peeling and flaking off before long.

When choosing a powder coating company, be sure to ask them as many questions about their process as you like, make sure you are happy that they will follow all of the necessary steps and perform the work to the highest possible standard – getting a poor job where the coating flakes off is just a waste of money.

When deciding whether or not powder coating is right for your part, you need to take into account that powder coating works better for applications where you need a product which does not emit any volatile organic compounds, this is important in the likes of home appliances, work surfaces or countertops, as some coatings can emit checmicals into the air – this is why powdercoating is so popular, it does not do this.

Powder coating is more versatile than most paint coatings and generally provides a better finish so this is definitely something to consider when you’re looking to have a part re-coated in a different colour, or if you wish to protect against rust and corrosion.

Free up some money to realise your dreams

If your website (or websites) is not making as much income as you’d hoped for, or you need to free up some quick cash for another project (or even to buy another website) then it may be an idea to get in touch with a specialist website broker such as w3businessadvisors, who will be able to not only value your website, they will be able to sell your website for you and deal with all of the administration work required too.

Not every website is going to be worth selling, the domain itself may hold some value but unless it has a popular keyword in it, and is at least 1 – 2 years old, it is likely to not be worth much more than the price you paid for it.

If, however, your website has a good, proven earning potential, or even better, has a track record of monthly earnings it is likely going to sell without too much hassle.

If your website falls into the first category – e.g, fairly new and no revenue generated, then it is unlikely that a website broker would be interested in marketing this for you, the simple reason for this is that a website broker works on a commission basis, they will generally charge a percentage of the final sale value as their fee. In most cases, the time saved, and the higher price that a broker may achieve will pay for the commission fee without it making much difference to your return.

If a broker isn’t interested, all is not lost – you can still post your website or domain online in various website/domain marketplaces in an attempt to raise some interest. Flippa, ebay, digitalpoint etc all have dedicated areas to sell non-established (and indeed established) websites.

What if your site is worth a good amount of money – you may be thinking you could save some cash and sell your valuable website in the same place as a non valuable one (flippa, ebay etc), and you’d be right, but you’ll lose out on some of the benefits which a broker provides such as;

Website evaluation – The broker will value your website based on many factors, from current traffic and income levels and income, to the potential income. They will also use other factors such as the age of the website, how well the website is built, how complex it is to run and keep maintained, and of course, based on their own years of experience in the website market.

Screening interested parties – The broker will answer calls, emails and other queries from prospective buyers, ensuring that they are both genuinely interested, and have the means to buy. Have you ever sold a car or similar item on the second hand market only to have many dreamers contact you offering half your asking price, or saying they’ll buy it for the price you want, only to not turn up? This happens in the world of website sales too – a good broker will filter out the dreamers from the real prospects.

Handling administration – a website broker will handle all of the related administration including purchase agreements/formal offers, acceptance letters, through to closing the deal and handling the transfer of funds and website between the seller and the new owner.

Free up some cash today by selling your old or unwanted websites!

Why bother with a domain name?

Why buy a domain name of your own vs using a subdomain of a hosting provider?

It may be tempting to use a free subdomain from a hosting provider such as or strikingly, but there are many reasons to purchase a proper domain name of your own.

a) A well thought out domain name is easy to remember, you can tell people and they shouldn’t forget and is generally a lot easier to say rather than

b) Stability – a free subdomain style domain name or blog can be closed by the provider at any time, of course you would likely need to break their terms and conditions for them to close your account, but if they did, then not only have you lost all of your content, you’ve also lost the subdomain you were using, and there’s no way to get it back – you’ll have lost all of the traffic to your website too, and you’ll need to start from scratch. With a domain name, you are free to host your website with any webhost, and if that webhost closed your account, you could just point your domain name at a new webhost.

c) Choice of webhost – if you decide to purchase a domain name you will be able to choose what webhost you wish to use and also what platform you wish to use for your website, whether it be WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or another CMS, or just a good old HTML website. If you use a subdomain of another host such as tumblr, you’ll be tied to using them to host the website, and you’ll have to use their own blogging platform, there is no way to move your subdomain away from them now, or in the future.

d) Search engine optimisation – whilst doing SEO on subdomains of the large web 2.0 property providers is possible and can be done effectively, you are effectively puting time, money and effort into something which you do not own, and can not choose to move elsewhere if you want to. Should you decide to switch to a domain name of your own in the future, any SEO work done on a subdomain style website would be lost, and you would need to start over.

e) A domain name of your own promotes your brand, often you can purchase a domain name which relates to you or your brand or product, having a domain name allows you to easily advertise your business, and you can also use your domain for promotional material such as flyers or TV adverts, as well as having a [email protected] style email address, which, for a business looks much better than using a [email protected] type email account.

f) If you don’t snap up a domain name relating to your company or product, someone else will – there are many people out there who register domain names for the sole purpose of selling them to people like you, people who the domain names would be of interest to – of course, they do so at a greatly inflated fee – they will often try to sell you a domain name which cost them $10 for 100s or even thousands! Get in there before these people do and buy it cheap.

g) Domain names aren’t costly, they only cost the equivalent of around 1$ per month which, to secure your business or product domain name is next to nothing. Remember that once you have a domain name registered, keep it on auto renew, because if you for get to renew it at the end of your registration period, there are companies and people out there who’s main business is to register expired domain names, either to sell them on to another person, or to build a website on them – if this happens to you, your domain is lost forever, unless you offer to buy it back for a large price!

Advertising an event through email

5 Email Marketing Ideas

1. Make the signup simple

The easier an action is, the more likely someone will perform it – keep your email signup form as simple as possible, preferably just an email address box and a submit button, if you start to take up users time by requesting their name, their address, or other information that you don’t really require, it’s quite possible that they’ll just abandon the idea and not sign up at all.

2. Drip feed your campaign

Don’t send out 1 single email to your list giving away all of your promotions, or guides in 1 go – send out an announcement of an up-coming promotion, send an email when the promotion goes live, send another email shortly before the promotion ends, send out emails saying you have a new guide releasing next week, and another email to release the guide – this might seem like a lot of emails, but if you’re providing quality in each and every one of them, the user won’t mind, and more importantly, it’ll keep your brand in their mind.

3. Double opt-in:

Where possible, use double opt-in, this means that the user will verify they signed up to your list (usually by clicking a confirmation link). This not only covers you from being blacklisted for spamming, it also shows that the user who signed up is definitely interested in what you have to offer, they have taken time out to sign up to your list, and then again taken more time to confirm they wish to be a part of your list.

4. Execute an email-optimization process:

If your emails aren’t converting, look at the copy you are sending, employ a company to write your copy or to check how your campaigns are performing, and offer their suggestions on what to change to improve your response. Remember that you should always pick a recommended company, someone like Calgary SEO, to ensure you get the best possible advice.

5. Test everything, proof read – twice

There’s nothing worse than receiving a poor attempt at email marketing in your inbox, whether it be badly written or mis-spelled, or the links or buttons don’t work, it’s a real put-off, when I receive emails like this I often unsubscribe from the list, it’s not worth my time reading an email which is badly written, to find I can’t even click through to what is being offered or sold! Send the email to yourself first, read it over, twice, have someone else read it over, and ensure all links and buttons work correctly.

If you follow these simple steps you should see the performance of your email campaigns increase.

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