Cranes used for more than just shipping

Builders, roofers, and other related building contractors can, from time to time find themselves in need of a large piece of expensive machinery, for example a crane – which is an expense which would not make sense for most companies due to the overall cost of purchasing and maintaining the machine, and also in terms of the amount of use it would see – the return on investment would not make sense. For companies who find themselves in such a situation, a crane hire company is the best possible solution. Not only do crane hire companies hire out the use of their machinery, in most cases they will also provide a trained, licenced operator to run the crane and deal with the associated work related to lifting and moving with a crane.. It is extremely important that any crane hire company is reputable and provides machinery which is in a well maintained condition. There are some factors which should be able to influence your choice in crane hire company, some of which we’ve listed below.

The Price

A reputable crane hire company such as the likes of will offer a fair price, and will also provide a quote before undertaking any work, outlining what is and isn’t included in the price, so that you will know beforehand exactly what you will need to spend to hire a crane.

Companies which refuse to quote before undertaking the job, or at least provide a fairly accurage estimate are best skipped over – if their organisational skills are lacking then they may be lacking in other areas of the business, and a crane hire company which is lacking good business practice is something you’d wish to avoid. A reputable company should be able to explain all of the costings up front, ensuring you don’t get stung by any expensive transport or setup costs which may not be included in the price.
Their Equipment

Whilst older model cranes are not bad, per se – the older a piece of equipment is, the more it costs to maintain – if a company is willing to spend more on maintenance than it would cost to purchase a new model, then you must ask yourself whether or not the maintenance is being performed correctly, or on schedule. Make sure that all maintenance records are in place – you do not want a defective machine on your site. Be sure that the company offers the type of crane that you require, whether that be a mobile crane or a tower crane, and ensure that they can have it on your site at the exact date and time you require, otherwise you’ll end up waiting around, wasting both time and money and pushing your deadlines further back.


Most builders, roofers and contractors in a certain area will know each other to some extent, whether through work, or through other contractors, and they will be willing to recommend hire companies based on their experience. Ask around and gather any recommendations of reputable companies which have been used in the past. Find out whether there were any issues during the hire period and whether they could be avoided.


Safety is perhaps one of the most important factors you need to look into when hiring a crane from a company. Any good company should be happy to show you their licencing and inspection certificates which proves their safety. If you are aware of any regulatory bodies then you may be able to check with them to make sure that no safety or procedural violations have been made by the company, and that they have not been fined or penalised for bad practice in the past – remember, there are many crane hire companies out there, taking a risk on a company who has serious breaches in the past really is not worth it, move on to the next company and try again.

Cranes are serious pieces of machinery and are not something to mess with. They can be extremely dangerous if used incorrectly and could damage property or even cause a fatality – this is no joke, do your homework and hire a company who follows the rules to a T – it might make your project less convenient, but so would a catastrophic accident.

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