Advertising an event through email

5 Email Marketing Ideas

1. Make the signup simple

The easier an action is, the more likely someone will perform it – keep your email signup form as simple as possible, preferably just an email address box and a submit button, if you start to take up users time by requesting their name, their address, or other information that you don’t really require, it’s quite possible that they’ll just abandon the idea and not sign up at all.

2. Drip feed your campaign

Don’t send out 1 single email to your list giving away all of your promotions, or guides in 1 go – send out an announcement of an up-coming promotion, send an email when the promotion goes live, send another email shortly before the promotion ends, send out emails saying you have a new guide releasing next week, and another email to release the guide – this might seem like a lot of emails, but if you’re providing quality in each and every one of them, the user won’t mind, and more importantly, it’ll keep your brand in their mind.

3. Double opt-in:

Where possible, use double opt-in, this means that the user will verify they signed up to your list (usually by clicking a confirmation link). This not only covers you from being blacklisted for spamming, it also shows that the user who signed up is definitely interested in what you have to offer, they have taken time out to sign up to your list, and then again taken more time to confirm they wish to be a part of your list.

4. Execute an email-optimization process:

If your emails aren’t converting, look at the copy you are sending, employ a company to write your copy or to check how your campaigns are performing, and offer their suggestions on what to change to improve your response. Remember that you should always pick a recommended company, someone like Calgary SEO, to ensure you get the best possible advice.

5. Test everything, proof read – twice

There’s nothing worse than receiving a poor attempt at email marketing in your inbox, whether it be badly written or mis-spelled, or the links or buttons don’t work, it’s a real put-off, when I receive emails like this I often unsubscribe from the list, it’s not worth my time reading an email which is badly written, to find I can’t even click through to what is being offered or sold! Send the email to yourself first, read it over, twice, have someone else read it over, and ensure all links and buttons work correctly.

If you follow these simple steps you should see the performance of your email campaigns increase.

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