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If your website (or websites) is not making as much income as you’d hoped for, or you need to free up some quick cash for another project (or even to buy another website) then it may be an idea to get in touch with a specialist website broker such as w3businessadvisors, who will be able to not only value your website, they will be able to sell your website for you and deal with all of the administration work required too.

Not every website is going to be worth selling, the domain itself may hold some value but unless it has a popular keyword in it, and is at least 1 – 2 years old, it is likely to not be worth much more than the price you paid for it.

If, however, your website has a good, proven earning potential, or even better, has a track record of monthly earnings it is likely going to sell without too much hassle.

If your website falls into the first category – e.g, fairly new and no revenue generated, then it is unlikely that a website broker would be interested in marketing this for you, the simple reason for this is that a website broker works on a commission basis, they will generally charge a percentage of the final sale value as their fee. In most cases, the time saved, and the higher price that a broker may achieve will pay for the commission fee without it making much difference to your return.

If a broker isn’t interested, all is not lost – you can still post your website or domain online in various website/domain marketplaces in an attempt to raise some interest. Flippa, ebay, digitalpoint etc all have dedicated areas to sell non-established (and indeed established) websites.

What if your site is worth a good amount of money – you may be thinking you could save some cash and sell your valuable website in the same place as a non valuable one (flippa, ebay etc), and you’d be right, but you’ll lose out on some of the benefits which a broker provides such as;

Website evaluation – The broker will value your website based on many factors, from current traffic and income levels and income, to the potential income. They will also use other factors such as the age of the website, how well the website is built, how complex it is to run and keep maintained, and of course, based on their own years of experience in the website market.

Screening interested parties – The broker will answer calls, emails and other queries from prospective buyers, ensuring that they are both genuinely interested, and have the means to buy. Have you ever sold a car or similar item on the second hand market only to have many dreamers contact you offering half your asking price, or saying they’ll buy it for the price you want, only to not turn up? This happens in the world of website sales too – a good broker will filter out the dreamers from the real prospects.

Handling administration – a website broker will handle all of the related administration including purchase agreements/formal offers, acceptance letters, through to closing the deal and handling the transfer of funds and website between the seller and the new owner.

Free up some cash today by selling your old or unwanted websites!

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