Powdercoating to avoid corrosion

You may have heard of powder coating, but do you know what it is? Powder coating is commonly used to coat metal to protect it from corrosion, many car enthusiasts have car parts or alloy wheels powder coated, and powder coating is used for bicycle frames as well as many many other different parts.

The process involves coating a metal with a powder coating which is then baked to form a hard protective layer over the part.

The motorcycle and car industry uses powder coating heavily, but one question we see over and over again is “can you powder coat chrome?” And according to powder coat painting Scotland, the answer is a firm YES. Whilst chrome is a hard material to adhere to, it is certainly possible if the company performing the powder coating knows exactly what they are doing.

Now, that being said – to powder coat a chrome piece, you should know the following;

You’ll need to strip all of the chrome off the part to be powder coated – the chrome coating will stop the powder from sticking properly, but as chrome is a coating, it can be stripped down – this is what any good powder coating company will do.

You can have the stripped chrome replaced with a chrome look powder-coat, although it isn’t actually chrome, it is a very shiny silver surface which looks just chrome, but is more hard wearing and protected.

Parts should be sand blasted to make sure any chrome residue is removed, prior to the powder coating process commencing.

It is important that any part to be powder coated is completely clean before the powdercoat is added. If the part is not thoroughly cleaned, you’ll start to see the coating peeling and flaking off before long.

When choosing a powder coating company, be sure to ask them as many questions about their process as you like, make sure you are happy that they will follow all of the necessary steps and perform the work to the highest possible standard – getting a poor job where the coating flakes off is just a waste of money.

When deciding whether or not powder coating is right for your part, you need to take into account that powder coating works better for applications where you need a product which does not emit any volatile organic compounds, this is important in the likes of home appliances, work surfaces or countertops, as some coatings can emit checmicals into the air – this is why powdercoating is so popular, it does not do this.

Powder coating is more versatile than most paint coatings and generally provides a better finish so this is definitely something to consider when you’re looking to have a part re-coated in a different colour, or if you wish to protect against rust and corrosion.

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