Make sure you don’t lose your transport!

Paying an expensive car repair bill can cause a real strain on your finances. Did you know that you can take out a car warranty at any time, even on a second hand or older car?

The cost of repairs on a car engine can often make it uneconomical to repair, but if you’ve taken out a warranty then much of, or all of the work may be paid for you.

Not only can you take out a warranty that covers non wear and tear items, e.g covering engine faults, sensors etc, you can also take out wear and tear warranties on newer vehicles, this will cover things such as tyres, brake components and other service type parts – whilst these parts may not cost much on more common vehicles, they certainly can on more exotic cars.

This type of warranty is often called “bumper to bumper” warranty, this covers almost anything which could go wrong on your car.

Car warranty plans are an excellent choice if you want to properly maintain your car and keep it running properly, but don’t want to or don’t have the means to pay out large lump sums.

When selecting a company to provide your warranty or extended warranty, it is important to ensure that the company is reputable, and has a good customer service history, you can check out reviews online before deciding to sign up for a company, the last thing you want is to pay a monthly fee every month, and then have your claim refused when you need something sorted!

Remember, many policies will have a clause with certain things which may void your warranty, it is important to read this and take note, whilst the conditions aren’t usually very restrictive, it’s best to stick to what they require.

Generally the only things that will void your warranty are things which are seen as misuse, for example going off-roading in a car which they are covering for road use only.

Many warranty companies will bundle additional benefits such as roadside recovery so you can save your annual recovery fee too in some cases!

If you can’t afford to pay out a large lump sum if your car breaks down, don’t delay – get yourself a warranty policy sorted out as soon as possible, your next break down could happen at any time, it’s not worth the risk.

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