Staying Mobile

Everyone knows that there are a vast amount of different wheelchairs types available worldwide. There are those which are designed for the disabled and for elderly people who are unable walk long distances. Thanks to the mean and women who designed all of the different kinds of wheelchairs to aid their mobility, these people are able to live a fairly normal life despite their difficulties with walking.

Electric wheelchairs are just as the name suggests, wheelchairs which are powered by electric motors. This type of wheelchair is generally larger and heavier and due to its need to hold both batteries and motors. Because of these extra components, electric wheelchairs are quite a lot more expensive than a standard manual wheelchair.

Electric wheelchairs are getting more and more sophisticated lately and can even go up stairs and travel through gravel and loose ground without too much issues. Some more complex models even have a lifting mechanism which raises the user up higher in order to reach higher surfaces and shelves, meaning the home doesn’t need adapted to install lower counters.

Some models can be pretty quick off the mark – with rear wheel drive you can reach more than walking speed, so can get around just as quick, or quicker than had you been walking. Most electric wheelchairs are pretty agile and can turn around easily without requiring a lot of space to do so.

Electric wheelchairs can be expensive but the exact price will depend on which model you’re to buy and, and which features you require. When buying an electric wheelchair you need to plan and research before you buy. Your doctor or medical consultant should be able to advise you on which particular type of wheelchair should be best for your particular medical condition.

There are many different categories of motorised electric wheelchairs to choose from, some of these are;

Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs, these are very sturdy and good for bigger and heavier users – people who have weight issues which are also causing mobility problems will often be recommended a heavy duty wheelchair to ensure it keeps them mobile.

Light weight electric wheelchairs, these are generally smaller and can be folded up for easy storage, an example of a folding lightweight wheelchair is the Foldawheel PW-1000XL Lightweight Powered Wheelchair which is a great choice for people who need the storage space and a lighter model.

Standard Electric Wheelchairs – These are generic electric wheelchairs which are built to be used by as many different types of people as possible, whether they be an amputee or paralysed, or simply have a broken leg or loss of sensation in their legs, a standard electric wheelchair is in the one size fits all category (almost!).

The majority of wheelchairs can be used both indoors and outdoors, however some are better than others, as in your home you will require a wheelchair which can fit through doorways, and turn around in smaller spaces than a wheelchair which you only intend to use outdors.

Buying a wheelchair can give you back your freedom, but it is important that you get a wheelchair which won’t antagonise your condition, so speak to your doctor or physician first so that you don’t buy something which will do you more harm than good.

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