How to get rid of water hardness

It is widely known that every factory and every household uses water but what some of you maybe do not know is that that water is not pure at all. When we have problems with water, we usually call it water hardness. In that case water contains dissolved ions, mainly magnesium and calcium. These ions have two origins one of them is from carbon dioxide which you can find in all waters and the other one in limestone.
This was just a little introduction so that you can understand this problematic situation. Now we move on to the next stage and that is – How to get rid of that water hardness?
The problem with hard water is that it does not just cause stains but they make everything more difficult. When we say everything we mean laundry and bathing. Now even though these facts may seem scary, do not worry, there are so many different ways you can get rid of water hardness and they are not complicated at all.
One of them (and that is maybe the simplest one) is to purchase ion exchange water softener. These water softener units are made of 2 tanks, one of them is salt tank and the other one is a resin tank. The resin tank is filled with some small plastic beads and we call them sodium ions. We use them to exchange the magnesium and calcium that are in your water. If you want to use the beads all over again you must soak them in salt water. Once you do that calcium and magnesium will be taken away from those beads and you will get new sodium ions. It does not sound too complicated right? You can check these best water softener reviews for more info about these systems.
Now there are things you need to think about before buying a water softener. You need to think about your household and how much water it uses on a daily basis. Approximately one person uses around 85 gallons of water per day. Also you should think about the hardness of your water and how hard and long your ion exchange water softener should work.
This is only one way that can help you get rid of water hardness. If you don’t like it then maybe you should read our next suggestion. Boiling water is also one of the ways that can help you with hard water. If you decide to boil water in a kettle, that process is called “furring of kettles”. It will make some kind of deposit calcify somewhere at the bottom of that kettle and it will create like a scale-like formation. Once that happens you will get the soft water and you will be ready to use it again.
And now last but definitely not least here is another suggestion for you. It is called lime-soda ash treatment and it was created by Thomas Clark. What did he do? He added calcium hydroxide to the hard water supply. Once you mix these two it will cause that hardness to harden and precipitate and it will become removable through filtration.

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