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Tall Ships’ Races


A tall ship is a large sailing vessel with traditional style rigging. Usually a tall ship will have a seperate topmast and top sail, and will have rigging in the traditional square rig or gaff rig style, although other styles are also possible. Tall ships have become increasingly popular over the past half century, thanks […]

Tall Ship Races 2016 open for entries


This years tall ship races are now open for entry. If you’re at least 15 years old, you, your children, your grand children, your school or your employees are all eligible to sail on board the Tall ships in this years race events and be part of the Tall Ships Races history. This years events […]

Cranes used for more than just shipping

Builders, roofers, and other related building contractors can, from time to time find themselves in need of a large piece of expensive machinery, for example a crane – which is an expense which would not make sense for most companies due to the overall cost of purchasing and maintaining the machine, and also in terms […]

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