Spectator Craft


The Port and City of Waterford welcomes you and your vessel to our Port during the Tall Ships Race event.  In order to make this event safe and enjoyable for all those on the water and on shore the following information should be noted:

1.      Throughout the event there will be a strong presence of officials from the Irish Department of Transports Marine Survey Office, the Irish Coastguard, Gardai and the Irish Naval Service on the river and ashore to monitor all aspects of safety.

2.      A traffic plan is in place to allow for safe passage in the inner port area.  Traffic should keep to the starboard side of the channel and Comply with the Port of Waterford’s Marine Notice No. 3 of 2011. Please review on the following website www.portofwaterford.com

3.      Owners and Operators of power driven vessels are warned that excessive speed, resulting in dangerous waves / wash, and navigating without due care and attention will cause danger to others and damage property.

Such actions and offences are liable to prosecution and fines.

4.      Care should be taken when turning at the bridge due to tidal currents. Please note, strong currents can be experienced throughout the estuary.

5.      Persons in control of vessels should be suitably qualified and fully aware of river conditions.  Do not overload your vessel and ensure that life jackets are worn by everyone on board.

6.      Check your safety equipment to ensure all items are in working order.

7.      Vessels should maintain a listening watch on the Port working frequency, Marine VHF Ch.14, at all times. In an emergency call on VHF Ch. 16 or 13, or dial 999.

8.      Locations have been identified down-estuary where vessels may anchor overnight.

9.      Care should be taken on entering the Kings Channel at low water.  Consult your charts.

10. Fuelling and provisioning should be carried out at Dunmore East prior to entering river.  There will be no facilities in the inner port.

11. Jetskis are not allowed in the inner port area, above Cheekpoint, from Monday 27th of June to Monday 3rd July inclusive.

12. Please note that there are no berth or drop off points or berths available in the event area.

13. Attention is also drawn to the fact that small craft, within the limits of the Port, are strictly required to keep out of the fairway and buoyed channels and not impede the passage of vessels confined to deeper water. The International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea should be observed at all times, particularly rule 9.

14.  During the arrival and departure of vessels within the event area the river maybe closed to allow vessels to safely manoeuvre to their designated berth. Please comply and follow directions from stewards and officials

After two years of preparations involving an estimated 13,760 hours of voluntary effort, Waterford successfully hosted The Tall Ships Races 2011 from June 30-July 3.
It’s estimated that 500,000 people enjoyed the spectacle in the city and along the Suir Estuary. To all those individuals and organisations that made this huge international event possible and to the people of Waterford who embraced the occasion brilliantly – thank you. To those who visited Waterford, we look forward to welcoming you back soon and invite you to visit www.discoverwaterfordcity.ie to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in Ireland’s oldest city. To the sail training family at the heart of The Tall Ships Races, we look forward to your return!

Here we showcase a small selection of Dylan Vaughan’s photography from four magical days.