Street Entertainment


North Quays

2.30 Close Act; The Aliens

3.00  Two Legged Co.

3:15 Ron & Don

3.45 Big Rory & Ochie

4.15  Close Act; Aliens

5.00  Ron & Don

5.15  Two Legged Co.

5.45  Close Act; The Aliens

6.00 Big Rory & Ochie

6.30  Ron & Don

7.00  Two Legged Co.

7.30  Big Rory & Ochie

South Quays

2.30  Artizani; The Punt

3.00 Close Act: White Wings

3.15 Wobbly Circus: Paul Wheel

3.30 The Wrong Size

4..00 Clara Bell

4.15  Artizani: The Punt

5.00  Close Act: White Wings

5.30 The Wrong Size

6.00 Clara Bell

6.30  Artizan The Lobster

6.15  Wobbly Circus: Paul Wheel

6.30 Close Act: White Wings

7.15 The Wrong Size

2.30 Party Sub

3.00   Delinus

4.15 Party Sub

4.45  Delinus

6.00 Party Sub

7.00  Delinus

North Quays

1.00  Die BlechHarmoniker

2.00  To(fada)rann

3.00  Die BlechHarmoniker

4.30  Die BlechHarmoniker

6.00 Die BlechHarmoniker

Various Times: Exmouth Shantymen

Various Times: Compas Point

Various Times: Vagrants Crew

South Quays

12.30 Morro 16

1.30 Soznak

2.20 Morro 16

4.00 Soznak

5.00 Morro 16

6.30 Soznak

Various Times: Scheepsfolk

Various Times: Hooks & Crookes

After two years of preparations involving an estimated 13,760 hours of voluntary effort, Waterford successfully hosted The Tall Ships Races 2011 from June 30-July 3.
It’s estimated that 500,000 people enjoyed the spectacle in the city and along the Suir Estuary. To all those individuals and organisations that made this huge international event possible and to the people of Waterford who embraced the occasion brilliantly – thank you. To those who visited Waterford, we look forward to welcoming you back soon and invite you to visit to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in Ireland’s oldest city. To the sail training family at the heart of The Tall Ships Races, we look forward to your return!

Here we showcase a small selection of Dylan Vaughan’s photography from four magical days.